Elliott Chau


About Elliott.


Elliott Chau is a 23-year-old professional photographer and videographer, based in Ottawa, Canada, but travels full-time.

His mission is to use photography and film to tell stories, through his own unique lens. His creativity and skills brings him international clientele including Shopify, Marriott, Enterpise, Visit Dubai, Royal Bank of Canada, AirBnB, Adobe, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, and more, and since 2017, he has travelled to over 40 countries as an international freelancer, photographing and filming for weddings, tourism boards, creative agencies, brands, hotels, and personal clients around the world. Elliott also runs LifeWithElliott, a community on Instagram where people can be inspired to travel and chase their dreams.

You can reach Elliott at +1 (613) 581 0173 on WhatsApp, or email him at info@elliottchauphotography.com.