Earlier in 2018, I was blessed with an opportunity to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo with Heroes of Peace. Heroes of Peace is a NGO based in Ottawa that focuses on creating opportunities in the DRC, primarily focusing on improving education, building hospitals, and community improvement. My two weeks in the country was one of the most rewarding, heartbreaking, and eye-opening experiences I’ve ever been through, both physically and emotionally. As a photographer I try my best to capture the reality of the situations, unbiased. In a country of such poverty and corruption it is easy to photograph what the world assumes and create a sense of hopelessness. Yet despite the necessity of capturing such realities, I believe that my job is show the possibility of change. To show the world the joy, hope, and love that these people radiate. I truly believe that there is much hope for these people, but it starts with organizations such as Heroes of Peace to help bring change, and more importantly, you. To learn more about how you can help, visit for more information (coming soon).